About ICBS, Ltd.

Our History

For over a decade, ICBS, Ltd., a licensed U.S. customhouse brokerage firm conducting business at the Port of Laredo, Texas (main office), and ports of entry throughout the United States, has established a reputation for its outstanding quality service. Our highly experienced team strives to deliver professional, courteous and personal attention to all of our clients and prospective clients.

ICBS, Ltd. offers the latest in U.S. Customs automation services, such as the Automated Broker Interface to facilitate the importing process for importers when dealing with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Texas Department of Tranportation (TXDOT) or any other agency. As a testament to their dedication, professionalism and customer service, ICBS, Ltd. still retains the business of their very first client. Our state of the art facility includes warehouse space for storage, forwarding and transporting. All of your logistics covered by one company, ICBS, Ltd. Our history is exactly that. We can only look forward to repeating it.

Our Philosophy

At ICBS, Ltd., our philosophy is quite simple. Our quality service serves as your asset. We believe in quality, not quantity. This is why we still have the business of our first client from over twenty years ago. In a most competitive and technological world it is very easy to lose touch with your business, and most importantly your clients. ICBS, Ltd. believes personal relationships change business entirely.

Through this personal, professional and meticulous follow through of rules, regulations and relationships, ICBS, Ltd. hopes to establish a world wide reputation as your import and export experts. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers and trade community a direct and personal solution by meeting their needs in the trade industry. Our customers will rely on our intelligence and integrity. Our intelligent methods of operation and commitment to attaining full and comprehensive integrity ensures we are a major player in a most competitive arena. ICBS, Making a Difference in Your Line of Trade!